March 5th, 2002 one day old:

First xmas, Aunt Kathy visiting from India with goodies:


First picnic with the Sprint gang:


I need a nap!

Aun't Lynette came and visited me for a bit:

I am diggin these picnics!


Uncle Dennis and his nephew the day of his baptism:

Hey that's my milk!



All this partying can tucker a fella out:


I like kitties, it's genetic:



Are we there yet?

Hey that's not my usual rubber ducky!

Here kitty kitty....

Look Ma I really can feed myself! (You can go all day on a good bowl of oatmeal, that's what
great grandpappy used to say.)

Just chillin' with dada


So my brother drove you out of the bedroom?

Man I know I'm cute..!

Where do you want me to take you?

Really, it's as easy as 1 :



4: at this point it sstopped being cute and Daddy felt
a need to intervene: