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Welcome to the Donovan's Family web site.

We will be posting updates here as time allows. As some of you know we are in the process
of building a new house, click here to see the progress.

Patrick Ethan is 4 1/2 years old and John Dennis will be 6 in March 2008.


Hold still lady, I think there is something stuck in your teeth:

Where is the hov lane anyway?


Patrick at one year old:                                                                              Patrick today at 18 months:

Click here to see his page in progress:

Click here to see a movie of my first bike ride:
{high speed users only, very slow on dialup}

John Dennis is 2 years 9 months old: Click here to see a pictorial history of him from day one:
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Click here to see a movie of our first time on the swingset Mommy and Daddy built for us!
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He loves the cats and fortunately they are patient and put up with him:


Where did you come from?

John Dennis at 17 months                                                         Patrick Ethan at 2 months

You look like you've had too much to drink, leave the driving to me:

I am head over heeels for my dada!

Dude, where's the party?


We had a mother goose get snagged by a fox over at the new property so Sean took the eggs and put them in an incubator. They hatched out a couple of weeks later and think Sean is their mom. He's building a nice pond for them (see houseupdate link above). Click here to see them.